David Vito Gregoli – Om Land


Soothing new age music for Yoga, Mediation, Massage, Healing & Relaxation

Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with multi instrumentalist/producer Ricky Kej, singer Kimberly Haynes and percussionist/sound healer Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land, a musical meditation on the divine sound.

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OM LAND by David Vito Gregoli

Soothing new age music for Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Healing & Relaxation

Award-winning Producer/Guitarist David Vito Gregoli combines his unique talents with Grammy winning artist/composer Ricky Kej, accomplished singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes and percussionist/sound healer Christo Pellani to bring you Om Land, a musical meditation on the divine sound.

With roots in the artists’ own spiritual philosophy, Om Land is inspired by the “OM” symbol.  “Without beginning or end, OM embraces all that exists,” explains Gregoli, an avid meditator and Buddhist. “Just pronouncing the OM syllables creates a percussive vibration that flows from the back of the throat onto the lips. A-U-M.” Adds Vito, “We started with that very personal and yet universal sound as the core, and then layered on our musical interpretations.”
Vito has interwoven the human voice, synthesizers, percussion and acoustic guitars to represent the spiritual and vibrational OM as a bath of sonic energy. The result is a soothing and yet uplifting listening experience that brings their audience into harmony with the Divine.

David Vito Gregoli – classical, acoustic, 12 string guitars, dobro, esraj, percussion, keyboards, voice, bass, piano

Ricky Kej – strings, keyboards, Om Chant

Christo Pellani – percussion colors

Kimberly Haynes – vocals (Nirguna)

Produced & Recorded by David Vito Gregoli

“…really rich, deep and beautiful….such an immersive experience…
rich, resonant and deep”

“its a beautiful piece of art! For the mind and soul.”

“sophisticated and moving”



Om Land
 David Vito Gregoli

The latest release by David Vito Gregoli is upon us and I must say this is indeed a fine album of great quality and performed with real care and tenderness. We have three tracks that will ease you deep into a meditative state, or, three tracks that you can listen to some amazing and superb musicianship on.

I must admit to being blissfully pleased when I first listened to this album, for me this is a real state of ambience and on the opener we can hear a slow and careful build, the piece is called Saguna. The gentle but incredibly played guitar on this track reminds me of Tom Caufield on his last single, Rust of the New Babylon. Here on Saguna we have a calming and respectful composition that creates its own bliss and as a writer I find this style of music delightful to create and manifest work into the world with. I checked the track and found that I have listened to over 13 minutes of this 20+ minute piece and found myself totally immersed in the realm of the arrangement, in fact I could bathe in this album all day long, and it truly is divine.

Nirguna is a slightly deeper composition; it swims in the labyrinths of inner peace and floats with some sweet sounding and sequenced synths along the way. Om Land, is one of those albums you will find yourself addicted to, you will use it for one reason or another, you may meditate to it, but there is one thing that cannot be denied, this is stunningly produced, presented and performed and the very slight tempo change on this piece just shows you the level and layers of care and attention to detail on this work, that makes this a sublime release, also note the soft and pleasurable vocals of Kimberley Haynes here.

There are few albums that you can unleash upon your senses, that give you an overall sense of ambient bliss, but this is track three, Pranava, and it is our final sojourn through this realm of David Vito Gregoli’s Om Land. In all honesty it’s a place musically and creatively I will be revisiting. This last offering has a little more energy and feels slightly raised in vibration to the last one, at this point the artists really need to take a bow, all through this release we have heard some totally stunning bass and keyboards from one quite brilliant Esraj and also we have heard from a much travelled musician Ricky Kej, who seems to be everywhere at the moment, it has been his Om chant that has carried our narrative dear constant reader.

Om Land by David Vito Gregoli is an outstanding long form release of musical peace, and supremely produced by the hands of a musician and musicians who actually care. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this album should be a must for anyone who actually likes really great music, it certainly should be a must for ambient music fans, it is of course ideal for any meditational practice and as such, with all those boxes ticked, you have a release that should be recognised as one of pure class by the music community. I am sure this one will do well in the world 100 on OWMR, don’t hesitate with this one, buy it, it’s a gem. – Steve Sheppard, One World Music



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